Our All New Colaba Store

Fabric is more than a cloth you use to upholster your sofa. It is a canvas of art, a palette of colours… a skin for your furniture, if you will. We now have a brand new store in Colaba, Mumbai. The store showcases our fabrics in innovative ways. We recommend a visit to get a first hand experience of the refreshing interiors.

Below are some of the images from our newly done store. We would also like to see how you have used fabrics in an interesting way. Share away!



The space is elegantly designed. The minimal flooring and walls help accentuate the vibrant colors of our fabrics and accessories.


The paneled cushion head-back of the bed extends the soft, plush feeling of warm luxury and comfort.


A grand perspective of the store’s minimal interiors in white, wood and cement.

Colaba_Store_5A play of colors in our choice of upholstery


This is something we would love to see in homes: ’color blocking’! We decided to have fun with the choice of fabrics for this particular seating. The fabrics used here are Phlox-2515, Phlox-2509 and Phlox-2513.


Almost as edible as candy. This striped ottoman is just delicious.


Whoever said all your chairs have to be the same color does not know how to have any fun.


The fabric used on the hanging lamp shade is ours too. Have you tried experimenting with fabrics and lamp shades in your own home? If not, now’s the time.

These are just a few of our designs. No matter what your taste, there’s bound to be something for you.

If you’re ever in Mumbai, we do hope to see you at our Colaba store. But until then, don’t forget to send us pictures of how you’ve creatively used furnishings in your home and we may feature you on our Facebook page, for the world to see!

(Architects & Picture courtesy: Khosla Associates)

Until next time,

The Atmosphere Family

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