We have started blogging!!

Hello and welcome to the Atmosphere blog!

Here you can expect to see fun reads on everything related to good design. We’d like to share what we’ve learned over the past 25 years that we’ve been in the industry; an industry that is always changing. New colours, new styles, new trends, new designs. There’s so much to keep up with and we’ll help you do that.

A good home is made with lot of love and care and really, that’s all you need. But it doesn’t hurt to enjoy some comfort. Your home is your sanctuary away from the madness of life, the one place you can be yourself. The way you decorate is an unadulterated expression of who you are. Think of your home as a canvas for your art. Doesn’t that excite you? You get to be completely surrounded by what you create.

Visit us here every week for a new post and feel free to write to us if you’d like us to cover a particular subject.

Until next time,

The Atmosphere Family.

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