Living inside a Rainbow

Skeptics may disagree, but it is no lie that colours affect our moods and feelings. The power to keep your mood and energy levels up is actually in your hands, so use this guide and decorate wisely!


GreenWe spend our lives straining our eyes on computers and televisions. Green is known to be the easiest on the eyes, among all the colours of the spectrum. Being surrounded by green gives us a natural, at-home feeling. In this age of concrete and glass, some nature, or even a vague resemblance of nature, is what our bodies crave the most.



This gorgeous colour is most commonly associated with sunshine, joy and excitement. It is said to stimulate our senses and keep the energy levels up. Yellow is a great colour for kitchens. Bear in mind, when used in excess, yellow can create feelings of agitation and frustration. When decorating, small yellow accents such as cushions or curtains are the best way to go. Everybody could use a little sunshine in their lives.


BlueLike the element blue is most closely associated with, this colour creates a sense of calm and relaxation. Blue is not a great colour for a home, office or a kitchen, where one needs to stay alert and focused. Dining, living and leisure spaces would do well with a lovely blue wall, or sofa. Deep blue, on the other hand, has been known to create feelings of negativity. If you’re going the blue route, it’s best to stay on the lighter side.


RedIf we’ve learned anything from the onslaught of the media, we’ve learned that red is directly related to passion, romance, love and all things exciting. This is true to some extent, only as far as stimulation goes. Red is known to create feelings of passion and excitement, sexual and otherwise. However, this dangerous colour, when used in excess or in deeper shades such as crimson, work in the other direction. It creates feelings of hostility, rage and frustration. Much like the colour yellow, red is best used in small, tasteful doses.


NeutralBrowns, beiges and greys all fall under the neutral category. These colours don’t really do much for your senses or moods but act as an easy palate on which you can use splashes of colour and embellishments. When using reds and yellows, a neutral palate would make a lovely background to these temperamental colours.


WhiteAll-white interiors are spectacular. White as a colour is magnificent enough on its own and it can also be used as a palette for colourful embellishments. However, some say that the reflective quality white tends to amplify feelings that you may already have. This includes anything negative. As long as you’re happy, your beautiful white interiors will ensure that you stay happy.

The more colourful your home, the more exciting your life will be. Create a home that excites every sense, invokes all kinds of feelings and you will never tire of your surroundings.

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