Lost in the fabric of life

Fabric, the most flexible, creative, component of furnishing isn’t given nearly as much as credit as it deserves. It’s a real pity that fabric has been confined to the mundane geography of sofas and chairs for years. With an open mind and some good fabric, you can bring a home completely alive, pulsating with color and creativity. Here are a few ways that you may or may not have already thought about to use upholstery in your home.

Lamp Shades
We buy fabric-based lamp shades all the time. Why have we never thought of creating our own? We’re not talking about just table or floor lamps, we’re talking about grand hanging lamps, humble wall lamps and just about any light-providing contraption you can get your hands on. Pick a fabric that you love and go with it! Light up your home in ways that are meaningful to you.

Image 1-Colaba Store

Picture caption: The lamp shade in the picture, is created using Atmosphere fabric at our new store in Colaba, Mumbai.

Give yourselves a break from the nice enough wooden wardrobe. Upholster your doors to create various effects, from the grand, luxurious tufted velvet, to the warm, cozy-cottage floral print. Either way, it breaks the monotony of wood and really gives you something different to be proud of.

Image-2-WardrobeRoom Dividers

Since the widespread popularity of doors, these lovely pieces of furniture ceased to be as important as they used to. Now, they work wonderfully as pieces of décor, provided they are beautiful enough. What better way to ensure that than to hand pick the upholstery for your room divider yourself? Floral, minimal, velvet, silk, printed… the possibilities are endless.


Use your doors, the most bland, common part of any house, as a canvas for color and art. Some people paint their doors in creative ways, and some use fabric. Both techniques create equally phenomenal results.


Head Boards

Make a grand affair of your bed by designing a large, upholstered head board. Goodbye, boring wood and iron, hello plush fabric! Wake up every morning almost forgetting that your home is not, in fact, a French chateau or an Arabian palace.


Picture caption: This is an installation from our Colaba store. This plush, paneled wall behind the bed is upholstered with our very own Atmosphere fabric.

Wall Panels
Fabric-based wall panels are most commonly used for sound proofing and acoustic manipulation, or on the wall behind a bed to create the illusion of a giant headboard. Do not feel restricted, however. Wall panels can go almost anywhere. They can transform a space much differently from wall paint, or wall paper and are definitely worth the investment. Besides, how many people you know have wall panels in their homes?

Image-6-Wall paneling We’d love to see your creative use of upholstery in your home. Write to us, send us pictures and we would love to feature you on our social media.

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