Sensibility Never Looked This Good

Luxury is perfectly nice and we all love a certain amount of it, but is it always practical? Does it always make sense to fall asleep and wake up in an endless abyss of throw cushions, tassels, lace, pillows, silk sheets, bedspreads, duvets and comforters?

Frankly, no. Not always is it sensible to have to deal with that much comfort and fancy, especially first thing in the morning. Take it from a luxury brand that it is absolutely okay to want to sleep on something more… sensible.


Exactly as the name suggests, BedSense is a line of bedskins in simple, no-fuss designs and colours; bringing sense and sensibility to the bedroom. BedSense sheet-sets and spreadsheets are for the home which requires practicality above all things, but will not compromise on aesthetic or quality, or price.

You aren’t going to be terribly spoilt for choice, but that’s what you wanted. You are, however, spoilt for quality and most of all, you’re spoilt for price.

BedSense - Blog

Visit the website to have a look at all our designs, from the functional yet elegant solids, to the classic stripe, the fun colours, the more daring jacquards and our dual-toned bed spreads. Introduce sense and sensibility back into your home.

We do hope you enjoy our newest line of products.

Until next time,

The Atmosphere Family.

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