India, You Beauty

Our exotica is envied and our art is imitated endlessly, not without reason. Indian art and culture has been reincarnated in various forms through the ages and its beauty has remained consistently timeless. At Atmosphere, our work is deeply influenced by Indian styles and designs, ancient and modern alike. Why would we ever look anywhere else but home for inspiration?

Here’s a peek into the various ways in which we incorporate India into our work.

1. Fretwork: Inspired by the latticework seen in so much ancient architecture around India, an example being the Fatehpur Sikri.


2. Nishat Bagh: From a place that many people call heaven on earth, Kashmir. We need say no more.

Nishat Bagh

3. Sacred Tree: The tree of life, a concept that has existed through time, through religion, philosophy and mythology, is a beautiful motif, one that provides endless inspiration.

Sacred Tree

4. Myanmar: Influenced by the famously beautiful Kanchivaram Saris of South India.


5. Coromandel: Flirtatious Southern Coastal beauty; the birds in the trees, tropic love, endless beaches.


6. Aajara: The Mughal era brought with it some of the finest cuisine, colours and art, inspired by magnificent royalty.


7. Kalka: Last but not least, we could not leave out our well-loved Paisley. This will never go out of style.


Like we said, this is only a peek. Look around you and be inspired by home grown beauty. It is everywhere. We’re proud to be Indian. Happy Independence Day.

Until next time,

The Atmosphere Family

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