Nothing lasts. Nothing is finished. Nothing is perfect.

Wabi Sabi Design.

Wabi Sabi, drenched in influences from Chinese and Buddhist art and philosophy is now mostly thought of as a Japanese movement or ideal. The basis of Wabi Sabi as a design idea is that beauty is found in imperfection; imperfection in the most natural, organic sense of course. Nature is not always symmetrical or linear, nature is not consistent and nature certainly is not predictable. Nature, however, is perfect because of its imperfections.

Being a luxury brand of furnishings, we’re all too familiar with an attitude among consumers that’s becoming painfully popular; the irrational demand for extravagance in design and a compulsive requirement for symmetry and perfection; the bedroom set, the living room set and various other ‘sets’. An anonymous quote we came across could not have been more perfect; ‘A room should feel collected, not decorated.’

How do you know if something is Wabi Sabi? Easy. If something makes you feel a longing for nature or a spiritual experience or just an appreciation of the earth and its ancient beauty, it’s probably Wabi Sabi. Homes that have been ‘collected’ with this ideal in mind are usually stunningly eclectic and steeped in world history and culture. Their owners are citizens of the world, mostly with an evolved understanding of life. Not to say that these are prerequisites. However, if this style fascinates you, you’re probably on the same level.

It might seem like a contradiction for a luxury brand to be promoting a movement like Wabi Sabi, but we have our roots firmly planted in our love of culture and art from around the world. The following are a few of our designs that might fit right in with your Wabi Sabi way of life.

1. Criss Cross – Inspired by trickling water, this minimal design fits the Wabi Sabi bill perfectly.


2. Walden – This wonderful weave resembles the bark of a tree; ancient and all-knowing.

Walden3. Wild Hibiscus – The stunning wild hibiscus afloat on a crimson river. This particular piece used in a mostly white room would be starkly stunning.


4. Silken Route – This ikat stripe and all the colours it comes in is a wonderful example of imperfect Wabi Sabi simplicity.


We hope this piece has inspired you to explore the wonderful world of Wabi Sabi and all that it entails.

Until next time,

The Atmosphere Family

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